8 beautiful PH destinations to visit this 2016

Take a peek at Filipino’s culture and history as mirrored in century-old churches, ancient forts and modern museums. Paradise Philippines have the best of nature’s paradise pictured through white-sand beaches and three-layered virgin forests.


MANILA, Philippines – A new year means new travel plans. Where to go this 2016? There are places whose beauty never gets old, while there are those whose beauty is yet to be discovered by many. Below are some destinations worth exploring.

Surigao del Sur

It is the other Surigao, Surigao del Norte, that is often well-visited, especially for its surfing spot Siargao, and later, for Bucas Grande, with its breathtaking lagoons and stingless jellyfish. (IN PHOTOS: Visit these 10 magical, beautiful lagoons in the Philippines)

Surigao del Sur, on the other hand, also has a beautiful, but not-so-well-known lagoon, with stingless jellyfish – the Blue Lagoon in the municipality of Cantilan.

BLUE LAGOON. This quiet lagoon in Surigao teems with stingless jellyfish. Photo by Dennis Dolojan

BLUE LAGOON. This quiet lagoon in Surigao teems with stingless jellyfish. Photo by Dennis Dolojan

Cantilan also has pristine white beaches, but it is San Agustin’s Britania group of islands that is arguably Surigao del Sur’s pride – 24 islands and islets, some of them unspoiled white beaches or karsts blanketed with lush greenery. (READ: Britania Islands, breathtaking paradise in Surigao del Sur)

BRITANIA. Beautiful beaches like this abound in Britania’s group of islands. Photo by Henrylito D. Tacio/Rappler

BRITANIA. Beautiful beaches like this abound in Britania’s group of islands. Photo by Henrylito D. Tacio/Rappler

Inland, the province’s must-visit is Hinatuan’s mystical Enchanted River, a deep sapphire blue with a chasm said to be at least 80 feet deep. At night, it is believed that mermaids and fairies frolic in the waters. (READ: The enchanting blue river of Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur)

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How to do a seasonal wardrobe clean out

Do you open your wardrobe doors to a chaotic mess? It’s time to make a change!


Are you often struggling through piles of clothes to find your favourite dress or the mate to your shoe?  You may have reached a point where you don’t wear most of the items in your wardrobe but hold onto them anyway. Whatever the reason, it’s time for a clear out. You’ll feel fantastic afterwards and it will allow you to plan what you need for the upcoming season. Think of it as a fresh start.

How to do a seasonal wardrobe cleanout

– Allow yourself a clear surface, such as your bed. Empty the entire contents of your wardrobe, including clothing, shoes and bags and lay them on the bed or floor.

– Ensure you have a decent-sized mirror nearby where you can try on items and see if they still fit or suit you. You’ll also need a big plastic bag where you can place items to be recycled or thrown away.

– Pick up your first item. Does it bring a smile to your face or does it fill you with dread? If it doesn’t fit or you don’t like how it makes you feel, then throw it out. If something hasn’t been worn in the past year, its likely that you may not ever wear it. Unless it is occasionwear, which you’re waiting for the right moment to wear.

– If you’re heading into summer, pack up your knitwear, warm trousers and boots, and pack them away in storage until next winter. Keeping them in your drawers throughout summer will only take up much-needed space. Buy some large plastic boxes and label the contents. Do the same with your summer clothes when winter arrives.


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Postpartum depression

You may experience hormonal changes as a result of “coming off of” pregnancy hormones and going back to normal hormonal levels. Or you may have guilt and fear, feel helpless, be confused, and be unable to perform the simplest of daily tasks.


I just had a baby. Why do I feel so down?

If you’re a brand-new mom who expected to be full of joy at this point, it can be upsetting and confusing when you’re actually feeling the opposite. Rest assured, you’re not alone: Anywhere from 40 to 80 percent of new mothers experience the baby blues – an emotional state of tearfulness, unhappiness, worry, self-doubt, and fatigue. The baby blues typically begin a few days after delivery and go away on their own within a week or two.

However, if your feelings seem unusually intense and have lasted longer than two weeks straight, you may be wondering whether you have a more serious condition. It may come as a surprise, but you could have postpartum depression (PPD).

What is postpartum depression?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between clinical depression and the normal stress and exhaustion of new parenthood. But if your feelings of sadness or despair are so powerful that they prevent you from being able to do your daily tasks – such as caring for yourself and others – you could have PPD.

About 10 percent of new mothers develop PPD, but some experts believe the number is even higher because many women don’t seek treatment. If you’re struggling, see your healthcare provider right away for a mental health screening.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, postpartum depression can begin in the weeks after pregnancy or even before. (About half of women with PPD have symptoms during pregnancy.)

If your provider thinks you have depression any time after you give birth, she may refer you to a counselor and prescribe antidepressant medication, if necessary, or refer you to a psychiatrist for treatment. Whether you’re diagnosed with depression before, during, or after pregnancy, getting treatment is important.

What are the symptoms of postpartum depression?

The symptoms of PPD and depression that occurs before or during pregnancy are the same. You could have PPD if you experience five or more of the following symptoms almost every day, for most of the day, for at least two consecutive weeks:

  • Extreme sadness, emptiness, or hopelessness
  • Crying all the time


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5 Simple Tips for Overcoming Language Barriers While Traveling

If you are planning a vacation to some other country, an important travel tip is to be familiar with the language of that country. Familiarity with the language will make your vacations easy and you will also gain popularity among natives.


Communication is an important aspect to consider when you decide to take an international gap year or study abroad. While you might be up to date on the easiest (and most cost-effective) ways to keep in touch with friends and family back home, have you figured out how you will manage traveling to countries where locals might not speak your language?

You’ll find learning the local language can make your experience abroad much more enjoyable.

How will you meet new people? How will you get around? How will you shop or ask for directions? Before you worry too much, consider these five tips for overcoming language barriers when you go overseas. You’ll find learning the local language can make your experience abroad much more enjoyable.

Let’s get to it; how to overcome a language barrier:

1. Download a Language App and Learn On The Go

My absolute favorite mobile app to use while traveling overseas (especially visiting countries where English is not an official or secondary language) is called Duolingo.

It is a zero-cost app (and is still ad-free, thank goodness) that I stumbled upon a few years ago that makes learning a new language fun. Seriously, I play it all the time and have seen impressive improvements in my language skills.

I have used it for French and Spanish (as well as Dutch, before I realized people spoke English perfectly well in The Netherlands, so there’s that) and found it to be an extremely entertaining program that offers lessons, grading, assessment tests (in case you’re more advanced and need to skip a few levels), and “attendance” (activity records and notifications that call you out when you haven’t played in a while).

The best part about it: the Duolingo app offers English-speakers 27 languages to choose from, including the world’s most spoken languages — so you’ll likely be in good shape. For on-the-go use, Duolingo is available for download on Android, iPhone, and Windows phones.

2. Bring a Language Dictionary to Improve Your Vocabulary

Overcoming language barriers

If you are super nervous about drawing a blank when it comes to recalling vocab words from your freshly-learned lingual skills, bring a language dictionary with you when you are out and about.

You can either purchase a physical book (they sell large and pocket-sized ones at bookstores or online) that offers the English definitions of words from the language of your choice on one side, and the inverse on the other side.


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Bathroom Vanities – Adding A Unique Touch To Your Bathroom

Are you currently considering upgrading your bathroom? Well, in relation to bathroom re-design, bathroom vanities seem to be the starting point of everything. Incorporating the elements of style and efficiency, these remarkable furnishings could immediately add more complexity and magnificence to any bathroom. Setting up a vanity can make your bathroom appear warmer and more inviting than before. It becomes the center point or the attention grabbing element of the bathroom this is why it is important one must buy the right one.

Image result for bathroom vanity
(c) Lowe’s


Just like any room renovation or remodeling project, you need to look at the area of the bathroom to support all the fixtures you’re going to put. If you are changing the shower and toilet, measure these spaces and the size of the new fixtures you desire to put in their place. And since you’re looking into bathroom fixtures, bathroom vanities will never be out of the picture. Check if you need the single or the double bathroom vanity type. As you can imagine, should you have small room or the bathroom is utilized by one person, opt for the single bathroom vanity. If however you have the space, a double vanity is always a lavish upgrade for your bathroom especially if multiple people at a time will be using it every day.

Another thing to remember when reworking your bathroom is the interior design theme you are trying to make. In choosing a new bathtub, sink, vanity, or even the plumbing fixtures, consistency with a design theme is key. Regardless of whether you like vintage, old-fashioned wood, traditional, or contemporary styles for the new bathroom, be sure that all aspects work together to create a natural look. Absolutely nothing seems worse than investing time and effort on re-doing your bathroom and then be disappointed with the result because it just fails to all work together.

Once you have decided the style and type you desire, you may wonder where to acquire these fixtures. Should you be looking for bargains among the finest places to visit is your local home improvement super store. It’s possible to find remarkable discounts that equal huge savings for you with regards to obtaining a vanity. If you cannot find the one you want, you can explore in the internet since there are already numerous sites that offers variety of options.

Regardless of what sort of vanity you are looking for with the wide variety available you will for sure find one that can make your bathroom more efficient. Just keep in mind the ideas mentioned above. Do your research by checking out the style and establishing the budget. In any home improvement project like bathroom renovation, you really need to have a definite plan. Add a fresh new look to your bathroom by installing fantastic bathroom vanity!

Aeration and Overseeding: Why Your Lawn Needs It

(c) kingstownelawn.com


To make lawns desirable and healthy, individuals ought to invest money and time for projects and things that are essential. Of course watering, mowing and fertilizing ought to be completed regularly. Regarding things you have to purchase, you have to have a good water system, right fertilizers and effective gardening equipment. Sad to say, there are actually instances when these cannot serve your needs. For this reason, getting lawn care experts is essential. By making use of experts, lawn tasks can be done appropriately. Let alone, lawn care experts also provide other services to help make lawns more inviting for instance aeration and overseeding. The following are the benefits of these services.

A. Aeration

Much better intake of air and nutrients: It is going to enable air and essential nutrients to get deeper to the turf and between the grains of soil. A compacted soil has all the air and water pushed out from between the grains making it an unfriendly environment for the microfauna, for instance fungi and bacteria, along with the bigger animals that promote a healthy ecosystem in the soil.

Help lawns breathe: With the help of aeration, individuals can help lawns to breath correctly. Using this, air can flow very easily that can help the grass to create its own food.

Minimize water wastage : Aeration helps homeowners reduce water waste. This is possible since aeration will help prevent excess water from running on or forming puddles.

B. Overseeding

Overseeding includes the application of fresh grass seed on the surface of the present turf. This process uses the soil loosened during aeration and serves to increase the density of the turf.

Build resistance to diseases: Grass seeds germinate and grow sooner than many of the weeds do in the spring. Once you overseed your lawn in the fall the brand new grass would crowd out most of the weeds seeking to grow in your yard

Improve lawn appearance: For those yards which have a warm season turf that sleeps in cold temperature, an annual rye grass provides color which is missing otherwise.

Reduce weeds: This means that you don’t need to think about pre-emergent weed killers or other weed removal methods.

We’re confident that if you require a lush, green lawn, aeration & overseeding crew this fall leaves you smiling from ear to ear next spring. So get out there and make a change to your landscape and house.

Thatch Roofing: Advantages & Disadvantages

Thatch roofs were the best roofing choice for making one’s home appears comfortable, ethnic, or perhaps tropical. It brings us to the prehistoric times when early men had started setting up their huts and covered them with thatched roofs generally made from straw, reed, or grass. However would you consider one?

(C) decortoadore.net



To begin with, having native grass available from a local source is among the factors that have contributed to the popularity of thatch roofing. The type of material used to build a thatch roof or thatch products have numerous benefits offering the fact that thatch materials harmonies or bend in with natural surrounding landscape. This is especially obvious in the more rural areas of a country and helps to maintain more natural architectural characteristic of the area.

The material itself is not expensive therefore it is really a budget friendly choice. Additionally, the wooden supports underneath are cheaper, and so the overall cost for materials may be comparable.

Thatch is also very, very versatile material and is also flawlessly suited to covering irregular or non-conventional roof structures. Thatch is recognized as an exceptionally ecofriendly roofing alternative. Both second-hand and recycled natural thatching material may be used when constructing new or enhancing an old building which means that thatch is very sustainable.


Virtually any home that uses this roofing can be harder and much more expensive to insure due to fire risks. Thatch roofs may also be very labor intensive to both maintain and create. This means the savings made because of the fact that the raw materials are really inexpensive are overshadowed by high labor costs. Birds and other wildlife that could access a thatch roof can damage the thatch while they foraging for grubs or other food types. A few rodents are also lured to go in and damage roofs in the event the raw material contains virtually any residual grain, straw or food types.

Insurance costs are higher for homes with thatched roofing due to the cost of replacing the material – NOT due to the fire risk, which common sense might point to. Statistically, thatched roofing will not catch fire any more frequently than other forms, but is more challenging to extinguish once aflame and for that reason often receives more damage.

All told, thatched roofs worked very well once they were invented thinking about the technology and the materials which were on hand. They just don’t stand up as well in the modern era as there are numerous options that are better. But you can still look at this if your area complements the roofs.

Enjoy a Shower With Shower Panels

Image result for Shower Panels
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A shower panel could make the unexciting chore of showering way more interesting. It’s a sort of shower stall that will fit well in a smaller bathroom. It can be among the finest components that you can buy for your bathroom. They have got numerous benefits. Below are a few of them.

They could be installed in your bathroom on any kind of wall. They’re not going to alter the visual appeal of your bathroom at all. Contrary to a shower enclosure or a modern bathroom vanity, they will occupy significantly less space. It is a positive thing that for anyone whose bathroom in their residence is small. They may be used rather that a shower enclosure as it does the same thing.

With the modern technology, shower panels can help to ensure that you will love your shower like no other bathroom accessory can. They are small in size, rather economical, and will present you with extreme pleasure whenever you take a shower. They’re absolutely the best shower accessory available for your bathroom. Though if you want more attributes for your shower panel, expect to shell out some amount.

Another great feature of shower panels is the fact that replacing them can be a straightforward procedure. Extensive plumbing modifications usually are not often needed, and set up can be as simple as replacing your present shower. If you don’t yet have a shower installed, it may be best to seek advice from a pro, or get some tips from experienced plumbers, as each panel is unique and installation could be different for each model.

These shower panels tend to be more than a shower-head and a handle. They combine remarkable technological advancements in features to help make the shower experience more fulfilling. One of the most popular features seem to be the inclusion of up to 8 body spray units, that could at the same time caress your body with water streams. They have been designed to blend in with the current bathroom fixtures.

If you’d like a lot more features for your shower panels, the cost goes up correspondingly. The more water heads, temperature controls, and features you’ve got, the more the shower panel will cost you. Normally the bigger ones are also more expensive. It is crucial for you to decide your needs and desires and shop for a panel that most closely fits them at the ideal price. This really is an incredible way to bring luxury to your showering experience.

Avoid These Mowing Mistakes

Are you aware that each year huge amount of money is spent on lawn care and gardening? Sure, you heard right, billions of dollars and many households believe that it is money that’s wisely spent. The sad part is that a portion of the money spent on lawn care is actually wasted. The waste comes from the mistakes committed by the homeowners when it comes to lawn care. If you are a property owner and you’ve got a lawn, then it is highly likely that you will be also guilty of doing a few of these mistakes.

(c) greensocks.com.au


• Utilizing the wrong mowers

Selecting the best mower could possibly be a challenge. There are so many types, brands, and models available to buy, how could you choose the right one? Each will have different features which will fulfill each individuals needs in a different way. You should have your own research in order not to end up in a wrong purchase. Do not use wrong mower for your lawn.

• Mowing at a very low height

Many make mistake of cutting their lawn shorter than they should. It’s not healthy or beneficial in any way. Short-cut lawns expose surface roots to the hot sun, which could dry out and die in no time at all. Not only this, weed and insect will probably attack for the reason that grass is stressed and weak from being over cut. As a general guideline in no way take out more than 1/3 of the grass blade. Based on your lawn type, more or less can be cut-off.

• Using dull blades

The next error that homeowners make when mowing lawns is using dull blades. Before mowing lawns, it is essential to look into the sharpness of the blades to make sure that they can cut the grass easily. Dull blades can only destroy grass which can cause a expensive renovation.

• Mowing one way

When mowing, tend not to follow your exact wheel tracks for quicker completion. Lawn care specialists say that it is essential to vary the direction of mow each time. At each mow, try crisscrossing the mower to keep the cut at the same level. By going into alternate directions, you also disperse clippings for a cleaner and healthier lawn.

• Ignoring maintenance

Lawn mowers are long lasting. Yet, there are still instances when it could be damaged because of its age and because of carelessness. Because of this, you may require investing in a new mower. Thankfully, this can be avoided with proper maintenance. You’ll want to grease all moving parts. If you work with a gas powered mower, you should check its oil.

By understanding all these, people can prevent lawn mowing mistakes that can decrease their finances.

Refresh your living room with spring botanicals

The long winter months leave us pining for the the renewal of spring, and once Easter rolls around, we eagerly await the first buds on the trees. It’s our cue that we can shed the layers that kept us cozy, sheltered and warm, and open ourselves to freshness of spring.


Mix classically shaped furniture with pretty florals to inject warmth and character for the new season.

Botanical living room with watercolour flower prints 3


Love this bedroom

  • Start with watercolour-style flower-print fabric and use on key items, such as a footstool or cushions.
  • Experiment with floating shelves of varying lengths within an alcove. Add favourite ornaments of different shapes and heights to create maximum visual impact.
  • For a modern take on a country-cottage scheme, look for furniture made out of reclaimed timber, with industrial steel detailing. Contrasting materials like these create the perfect balance of form and texture.


Clever Idea

Incorporate vintage books, collections of magazines and framed prints to give your display a balance between old and new.


Styling Tip

Add interest to a chest by tucking faux flowers into some of the drawers for a rustic display that will last all season.


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